The Lost, Long Gone, Forgotten Records’ Singles Club

Coming soon to a web-browser near you:

The Lost, Long Gone, Forgotten Singles Club.

One Poet. Two Poems. One Single. Every Month.

A Side.

B Side.

Poetry. Noise. Together at long last.


Lost, Long Gone, Forgotten Records. 2016.

LLGFR Singles’ Club Lineup:

  1. Michael D. Grover: Where Have The Outlaws Gone?     Feb. 2016
  2. Matthew Sradeja: Death     March 2016
  3. Craig Firsdon: In the Moment     April 2016
  4. Bob Phillips: October 16, 2010     May 2016
  5. Gary Bond: The Downtown Museum     June 2016
  6. Dan Denton: Namste, Mother Fucker     July 2016
  7. Jonie McIntire: I hate the factory that takes you so often     Aug. 2016
  8. Kerry Trautman: Migration     Sept. 2016
  9. Elizabeth Denton: Inclination     Oct. 2016
  10. Trina Stolec: Dust Bunnies     Nov. 2016
  11. Adrian Lime: Tiny Dirges     Dec. 2016
  12. Lorraine Cipriano: Freak Show     Jan. 2017
  13. Juliet Cook: We Want Out     Feb. 2017
  14. Mike Hackney: Voyeur Patrol     March 2017
  15. Julie Demoff-Larson: When You are a Thousand Miles from Home    April 2017
  16. Michele McDannold: west coast notebook entry #6 (when you need to sit in a dark theatre, crying by yourself, with others)    May 2017
  17. Cole Dunn: Maidens Like Moths    June 2017
  18. Marty Campbell: America Wakes Up    July 2017
  19. Josh Olsen: The Trigger    Aug. 2017
  20. JP Reese: Empire Falls    Sept. 2017
  21. Jen Knox: Lottery Days    Oct/Nov. 2017
  22. Tolonda Henderson: Offended    Dec. 2017/Jan. 2018
  23. Lucy Logsdon: The Good Girl    Feb. 2018
  24. Lily Rex: Deathwishers    March 2018
  25. Nina Corwin: Deconstructing Dorothy    April 2018
  26. Bill Yarrow: The Best Banana Bread    May 2018
  27. Krista Cox: Self-Portrait as Infinite and Infinitesimal    June 2018
  28. Cal Freeman: Etude for an Elegy    August 2018
  29. Arnold Koester: The Zen of Zanzabar
  30. Ezhno Martín: Power’s Whiskey
  31. Audamatik: Welcome Frenemies!
  32. Jason Storms: Charbydis

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