Lost, Long Gone, Forgotten Records is about poetry, motherfucker. Poetry.

It’s also about sound.

LLGFR knows something about sound.


It’s probably not something you’ve heard of. It’s run by someone you’ve probably never heard of (A.S. Coomer). It’s probably not for you or the people you know.

But listen anyway.

That’s what the world needs: a good shaking up. Not some gentle jostle but a full-on jarring that opens your eyes.

“For it is important that awake people be awake” as the late great William Stafford said.

Wake up, people.



Now streaming on all the major platforms including Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, YouTube, etc.


Lost, Long Gone, Forgotten Records is a “record label” for poetry. We record poets reading their work, add sound/instrumentation/etc., then release it digitally, complete with album covers, lyric sheets, and liner notes.

Questions/comments/rants: lostlonggoneforgottenrecords at gmail dot com

We are not open to submissions.

Like us on Facebook.



Any other questions?

Can it.

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