Lost, Long Gone, Forgotten Records is about poetry, mother fucker. Poetry.


It’s probably not something you’ve heard of. It’s run by a guy you’ve probably never heard of (A.S. Coomer). It’s probably not for you or the people you know.

But listen anyway.

That’s what the world needs: a good shaking up. Not some gentle jostle but a full-on jarring that opens your eyes.

“For it is important that awake people be awake” as the late, great William Stafford said.

Wake up, people.


The deal is this: I record poets I like reading two of their poems I like. Then I go into the recording and do whatever the fuck I like. Period.


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Lost, Long Gone, Forgotten Records will be releasing one single a month. We’ll call it The Lost, Long Gone, Forgotten Singles Club. The singles will contain two poems; there’ll be an A side and a B side. Both tracks, the single as a whole, will be available to download for free. Don’t say I never gave you nothing. Play the tracks as LOUD as possible and with speakers or headphones that don’t suck. I’ll host the audio files in a SoundCloud account.


Any other questions?

Can it.

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